What makes NuVet Labs so Special you ask ... 

To Start, NuVet Labs products are proudly manufactured in a FDA registered human pharmaceutical facility in the USA and uses only the quality natural human-grade ingredients.  

Also, NuVet products are Cold processed to maintain the rich nutrients of the ingredients.  In doing so, you get what the labels say, not like what many companies start with and lose value when processed with heat. 

NuVet products have many benefits for all stages of their lives.  Be Pro-active and help protect your furry friends as they face a lifetime of exposure to free radicals and threats to their immune systems.

NOTICE ... NuVet products are vitamins/supplements to enhance and support the health and well being of your Pet.   They are NOT intended to replace Vaccines.   

Make sure your Pet gets their proper Rabies Shots and Vaccines as recommended by a Licensed Veterinarian.