Looking for a companion?  A French Bulldog is a wonderful choice.   French Bulldogs are commonly known as "Frenchies" or "clown dogs".  French Bulldogs are prized for their affectionate nature and balanced disposition.  They are generally active and alert, but not unruly or boisterous.   Frenchies are small and muscular with a heavy bone structure,  smooth coat, short face and their "trademark" is their "bat" ears.  

 We have a special Introduction Page for Males and one for Females.   On those pages you can click on the individual dog you want to learn more about and it will take you directly to his/her page to see add'l photos and pedigree info.
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We also offer some great Labrador Retriever Puppies and American Bulldog Puppies. 


For Additional information on our Labs and American Bulldogs click on the Link to the right for Southern Territory Pups.  

In today's world importing can be scary and it is not always easy dealing with customs and restrictions that vary from country to country.   By Us importing elite Champion bloodlines you are able get a Quality French Bulldog puppy from us. 

Hence we take the risk and headaches so you don't have to.